International activity of UAP is aimed, first of all, at the increase of quality of training specialists due to participation in international grants and projects; exchange of students and teaching staff of the Academy and foreign educational establishments; conduct of joint scientific research with foreign educational establishments; participation in international conferences and exhibitions; cooperation with leading foreign companies in printing industry; training of highly-skilled specialists for Ukraine and abroad; training of foreign citizens.

 The Academy actively participates in international projects, such as "Tempus Tacis", "DAAD", "Erasmus", "Fulbright" and others, that provides new possibilities for students of the Academy to realize their potential. According to the concluded agreements, Ukrainian Academy of Printing actively cooperates with leading European establishments of higher education. One of the directions of this collaboration is training by the program of double diploma. The second focus is cooperation with enterprises of publishing-printing industries of Germany, Great Britain, France, Canada, USA, Belgium, Poland, China, Lithuania, Austria, Switzerland and other countries, that gives possibility to use international experience of specialists training and professional development of UAP staff.


Among the educational projects of the Academy it is worthwhile to mention the joint European project "Development of human resources for publishing industry of Ukraine", financed within the framework of the program Tempus Tacis. Oxford Brookes University (Great Britain), Institute of Technology, Art and Culture (Germany), “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy” University (Ukraine) together with the Ukrainian Academy of Printing participated in this project. It touched the problem of the European experience of training specialists for publishing and printing industry and its application in Ukrainian environment.

Internship of the teaching staff of the Academy is a significant part in increasing the quality of educational process. Besides the possibility of internship of teachers within the framework of  joint international educational projects, the Academy successfully uses for this aim the grants of Fulbright Fund, project "Harmony", financed by the State Department of education and culture of the USA, culturological fund of Janineum (Austria), V. Miiakovskyi Foundation (Poland), etc. It became possible to do internship in Harvard and Michigan Universities (USA), universities of Vienna, Warsaw and Wroclaw for teachers of the Academy.

Every year teachers and postgraduates of the Academy do internship at Print Promotion Association (Chemnitz, Germany). During the internship specialists learn modern technologies of evaluation of printed products quality, standardization, metrology and certification on the printing enterprises of Germany, have pedagogical and scientific internship in the University of Wuppertal (Germany), Darmstadt University, Chemnitz Technical University, Leipzig University of Applied Sciences, Stuttgart University of Multimedia Technologies. Due to this the latest achievements of the world science and methodology of education are implemented in the educational process of the Academy.

According to the terms of the bilateral agreements, there is an exchange of teachers for reading lectures on certain subjects. Leading teachers from the University of Wuppertal (Germany), Artevelde University (Ghent, Belgium), Warsaw Polytechnic (Poland), Lodz Polytechnic (Poland), University of Applied Sciences (Leipzig, Germany), Moscow Academy of Printing (Russia), Oxford Brookes University, Obuda University (Budapest, Hungary) read lectures for the students of the Academy.

The Academy effectively cooperates with leading companies that produce modern printing equipment. They are German firms "Heidelberg", "Man-Roland", “Sis-trade” (Portugal), Roland DG (Denmark), ESCO of artwork (Belgium). Top-managers and leading engineers of these firms are invited to read lectures for students, they organize productive workshops at their enterprises, as well as courses to increase qualification of both the teachers of the Academy and the representatives of the Ukrainian enterprises, that exploit their equipment. The educational-demonstration center of " Heidelberg" company is equipped with modern pre-press, press and post-press machines.

The Academy is an active participant of the International Association of printing educational establishments of higher education of the world, International Association of research organizations for informative, media, publishing and printing industries, International Association of establishments of higher education of Central and Eastern European countries. Exchange of experience is able due to this collaboration; it also facilitates improvement of the educational process of training highly skilled specialists that meet modern market requirements.