Ukrainian Academy of Printing (UAP) is the unique autonomous educational establishment of higher education in Ukraine that trains specialists on media technologies, printing and publishing. For its 90-year-old history thousands of highly skilled specialists have graduated from the Academy, that create informative and sociocultural environment of the country, working in publishing houses, printing-houses, mass media, printing enterprises, bookstores, advertising agencies, machine building plants, scientific research establishments, etc.

There are 14 specialties that belong to 7 branches of science, where students are trained for publishing and printing industry as well as mass media of Ukraine. Postgraduate (8 specialties) and postdoctoral (3 specialties) studies function in the Academy.

Development of printed mass media, electronic editions, book industry, book spreading, book design, printing and packaging technologies, machines and materials in Ukraine is closely connected with the Ukrainian Academy of Printing. Thousands of graduates of the Academy hold leading positions in the best-known publishing houses, editorials of periodicals, advertising agencies, design bureaus, internet publishing, on radio and television, printing and packaging enterprises, plants of printing and packaging machine-building engineering both in Ukraine and abroad. There are 7 laureates of the Shevchenko Award, 8 People’s artists of Ukraine, 62 Honored artists, workers of art, science and technology of Ukraine among the graduates of the Academy.

Four faculties with 19 departments function in the Academy. The structural units of the Academy also include: Lviv college of printing of UAP; a preparatory department; a library; a publishing house "The Ukrainian Academy of Printing"; educational department; scientific and research department with proper scientific laboratories, postgraduate and postdoctoral department; administrative and economic unit; Dissertation Committee for scientific papers defense; department of international relations; a training-productive experimental printing-house; and information support department. UAP has got 5 educational buildings, 2 student hostels, 2 training-productive workshops, a library with 4 reading-halls, good sport facilities, and places of social and cultural significance. The educational laboratories of UAP are equipped with modern printing and office machines.