The faculty of publishing printing and informational technologies is the basic and largest training structural unit of the Ukrainian Academy of Printing, which prepares its students to successful professional activities. Training is conducted by the educational qualification levels of Bachelor, Master, and Ph.D. Students get all necessary knowledge about the latest achievements and
world trends in the development of means of reproduction and storing of information, successfully use modern information technology and computer programs for publishing and printing, know the technological processes, peculiarities of publishing and printing techniques, possess knowledge of the fundamental disciplines, know how to organize the optimal production process, take effective organizational and design decisions, have thorough scientific and practical training. Students of budget and paid forms of study receive their specialty at the faculty. The faculty effectively conducts educational, scientific and international activities and is a leading center for training publishers and printers for Ukraine and other foreign countries. Graduates of the faculty work in more than 40 countries of the world and are worthy successors of the masters’ traditions of Lviv printing industry. 
UAP delegation at the book fair in Leipzig (Germany)


Educational programs: «Printing media technologies», «Computerized nprinting technologies of packaging production», «Technologies of electronic multimedia editions», «Computerized technologies and systems of publishing and printing productions», «Expertise of publishing and printing materials» 
Graduates of the specialty are trained to work in publishing houses, advertising agencies, design studios, printing companies, packaging and other industries, as well as in publishing houses, research and design organizations, in commercial and private firms, whose activities are related to the production of various types of publishing products. They work at engineering positions, as the head of the factory workshops, the technologist of electronic production, the WEB-master, the tester, the manager, the marketer, the engineer in metrology and standardization, the expert. The curriculum of the specialist training involves the study of engineering and technological disciplines that allow to master modern methods and tools for processing information, research, development, design, an organization of production, manufacturing, improvement, a creation of innovative printed and electronic publications, packaging, multimedia information projects, and other units of publishing and printing products.


The specialty allows students of UAP to gain a profound knowledge of modern computer technologies and to find promising work in Ukrainian and foreign IT companies. Peculiarity of the profession allows to work remotely, have a flexible working schedule. Students receive solid mathematical and professional training, study main programming languages, computer networks, operating systems and other disciplines necessary for the design of local networks, computer systems, web services and sites, and applications for mobile devices.


IT professionals know programming languages and software development technologies, possess essential knowledge for designing local networks and their software content, designing of
information systems, databases and control systems. Due to the high level of theoretical and practical training, graduates of the specialty are successfully employed in the informatization departments of the enterprises of any level and form of ownership; in leading firms specializing in the development of software and web-based applications; in project and research organizations; in service centers,
commercial firms, and higher educational institutions. 


Educational programs: «Graphic Design» 
Students in this specialty study the design of printed and electronic publications, advertising, illustration and design of
printed materials. An important component of this specialty is the professional mastery of the principles of communicative and multimedia design, poster art, computer and author graphics,
and the study of the art of the font. Depending on their own professional preferences, students master animation technologies, principles of web design, branding, packaging designs, and author’s books. The curriculum involves the study of classical disciplines that form the artist and the designer: drawing, painting, and composition. Graduates of this specialty work on the positions of an artist, illustrator, art editor or designer of the publishing house, computer graphics designer, art director of the studio, artist-animator,
computer game developer, photographer, who are urgently in demand in the context of the development of the latest information technologies in Ukraine and abroad.]


Educational program: «Easel and Book Graphics» After graduation students work in the field of book and author’s easel graphics, are able to illustrate and design a wide range of printed publications. The basis of their studying is the comprehensive training of artists focused on the creation of highly artistic works in the field of visual arts, printmaking graphics, preservation, and restoration of unique monuments of handwritten and printed art. Graduates possess a wide range of artistic and design means, they form a spatial environment that provides stylistics and plastic shaped features of art objects, are valued in the world of art, and their works are often exhibited all over the world.

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