The Faculty of Media Communications and Entrepreneurship (MCE) was established in 1965 as the Faculty of Engineering and Economics. Currently, MCE trains specialists of market structure with fundamental and professional knowledge in the field of modern media communications and business, who are able to integrate professionally into market economic relations and socio-cultural environment. The teaching process is based on modern educational-professional and educational-scientific programs with awarding higher education degrees of Bachelor, Master, and Ph.D. Moreover, students have the opportunity to study in a double-diploma system. During their studies the students gain knowledge and skills how to set up and do business, organize and manage financial and economic security, develop business strategies of the enterprise in a competitive environment and how to form an effective product sales system. Students obtain knowledge and practical skills in advertising and public relations, publishing and editing, document studies and book business in connection with knowledge from various spheres of economic, commercial, financial activity of enterprises. The major part of teaching process is aimed at solving practical problems using modern computer technologies, the Internet and social networks. Lecturers, scientists and students of the faculty work fruitfully with foreign partners from Poland, Germany, Belgium and other countries of the world.


A fully-fledged specialist can carry out administrative, organizational, analytical, planning, contractual-claim, marketing, merchandising, stock research, and research activity on the positions of chief economist, senior economist, department manager, broker agent, stock transactions specialist , merchant, manager, commodity expert in publishing houses, trade organizations, research institutes, management and coordination bodies, information centers, banks.


A specialist can carry out accounting, analytical, controlling and auditing work on the positions of an accountant, accountant inspector, chief accountant, auditor in accounting, financial,
commercial departments, the departments of economic analysis of enterprises, publishing houses, banks, public and independent auditing services, bodies of state financial inspection and fiscal service, management and coordination bodies, etc.


A specialist can carry out research, analytical, informational and commercial market research activity, management, planning, intermediary, advertising, forecasting, communicative activities on the positions of market specialist, chief marketer, head of marketing services of enterprises, advertising agencies, publishing houses, information centers, trade organizations, research institutions, operating control bodies.


Educational program «Financial and Economic Security Management» 
A fully-fledged specialist can carry out organizational, informational, analytical, design and administrative work on the positions of a specialist in financial and economic security, a professional in corporate governance, a responsible bank officer (other financial institution), an economic adviser, consultant of economic issues, a specialist in property and personal security, director, deputy director, head of a branch or other structural unit, specialist of security units of enterprises, organizations , banks and financial institutions of Ukraine, etc.


Educational program «Publishing and Media Communications» 
A specialist can carry out journalistic and editorial work in the organization of the editorial and publishing process, editing and publishing, planning and predicting, informational and advertising activities, analytical, synthetic and creative work on the positions of the corrector, editor-organizer, editor-in-chief, head of advertising agencies, editorial and publishing department of research organizations, educational institutions, centers of scientific and
technical information, head of mass and special communications.



Educational program «Advertising and PR - communications» 
A skilled specialist can carry out advertising-informational, advertising-managerial, organizational and advertising, advertising and marketing, advertising and production, information and communication, marketing and advertising, information-analytical, information and managerial, art-creative, social-psychological,
information-sociological, research, analytical, cultural and educational, expert-consulting activities on the positions of the head of the advertising and public relations departments, press secretary, manager in the field of information provision, manager of advertising, advertiser, specialist in public relations and the press, consultant on socio-political issues (in parties and others public


Educational program «Document Studies and Information Activity» 
A trained specialist can carry out informational and analytical, book research, managerial, research work on the positions of document scientist, information resources analyst, documentation service manager, database administrator, chief administrator, administrative assistant, referent, staff manager, archivist, bibliographer, chief of the information agency, the head of the scientific and technical information service, the specialist in information and bibliographic service, office worker, specialist in advertising and information activities, office manager in information centers, office and document management services, secretariats, chanceries, affairs departments, informational and analytical departments (government bodies and statistics in banks, etc.).

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